Motherhouse Chinese New Year Special

Ox-themed Items for the Year of the Ox!

Ushisan Key Chain

The design is full of fun, like a dairy cow grazing.

While hanging on the bag, simply pull the leather lanyard to easily store your key. This key chain is also for great for decoration.

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Ushisan Multi Tray

Inspired by the image of a cow relaxing on a hill.

To create a New Year's atmosphere, the tray can be used to place candy or entertain family members. After the New Year, it can be used as a card or change tray. 

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Motherhouse helps you to send off the old and welcome the new!

Irodori Mini Wallet

How long have you been used your wallet? Why not change one for the New Year!
Our newly launched full sheepskin short wallet is the size of your palm.
Very light, thin and high functionality is something you don't want to miss. 

*Same color as the red pocket

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Irodori iPhone Case

Are you obsessed with your? Why not get a new phone case for the new year?
We added a special coating on the sheepskin to improve it's durability while not compromising the color and texture!

*The same color as the envelope

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Lay 2 Way Backpack

New Year, new thing! Why not choose a bag that can be used for work/leisure!
Check out our red edition Lay 2 Way Backpack to boost your fortunes in the New Year.

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Antique Square Backpack

As work-at-home culture continues, most of our bags are designed for all occasions.
For men, this is as convenient as it gets.

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Best choice for the New year

Full Open Mini Boston

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BEST CHOICE for hiking

Blind Soccer Backpack

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Kazematou Backpack

Kazematou Series