12 Colorful Gradations

Irodori Chocolate Flavors


(Raspberry X Matcha)
The rich sweet and sour taste of raspberries, the bitterness and astringency of matcha tea,wrapped in the colors of cherry blossoms.

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(Mango X New Tea)
The vast sweetness of mango,the young and refreshing aroma of new tea,accentuated by the acidicity of passion fruit.

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(Strawberry X Passion Fruit)
Strong strawberry flavor,with a rich, sweet & sour taste of passion fruit,leaving an impression of flower blossoming in the spring.

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(Lemon Balm X Mint)
Matching the refreshing acidity of lemon balm,with the expansive flavor of fresh mint,to recreate a taste of summer.

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(Lavender X Blueberry)
Gorgeous colors of hydrangea reflected through the water drops of the rainy season,recreated with a rich aroma of lavender,and the rich, sweet & sour taste of blueberries.

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(Shell Ginger X Salt)
Deep richness of natural salt,mixed with the spicy taste of shell ginger,to recreate the impression of the vast blue sea spreading deep.

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(Cassis liqueur X Brandy)
Crisp acidity of Cassis liqueur,combined with the rich aroma of brandy on the nose,the perfect adult taste for autumn evenings.

*This product is made with brandy for flavoring purposes. Please refrain from serving to children and those who are sensitive alcohol.

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(Beet X Chestnut)
Beets as red as fire, combined with chestnuts for a sweet autumn taste,to recreate the color changing leaves of late fall.

*This product contains rum for flavoring. Please be careful with children and those who are particularly sensitive to alcohol.

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(Matcha X Hojicha)
Harmony of matcha and hojicha,with astringency and sweetness,a prefect co-starring performance of Japan's most representative teas.

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(Sencha X Matcha)
Sencha and matcha with varying flavors of umami, astringency, and bitterness, recreating a taste of pine trees that thrive in the winter snow.

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(Ginger X Blueberry)
Ginger hinting the winter earth,sweet & sour flavor of blueberries representing a ray of light,experience the silent silvery world.

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(Yuzu X Black Pepper)
Pungent spiciness and woody aroma of black pepper,the sourness and flavor of japanese Yuzu,an expression of winter that warms the heart on a windy night.

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