Repairing Service

The following are the various situations that may occur:

Jute Cloth Replacement

If the jute is worn, you can replace it with a new one. However,if you do not want to replace all you can just change for the damaged part.

Sewing Line Repair

If you found the sewing line is broken, please repair it immediately. Otherwise, the broken part will be expanded.

Zipper Replacement

You can change the broken zipper or just the puller which is depending on the damage.

Metal Part Replacement

We will provide maintenance service when the metal parts are aging or fall off. (From all hidden buckles to leather buckles, various parts can be replaced.)

Lining Replacement

For the lining of your bag,wallet or other goods is broken, it can also be replaced.

Handle Replacement

The most weight-bearing part of the bag is in handle and strap. We will strengthen the leather if the damage part is not serious.On the contrary, we will replace a new part for repairing.