Retrospective of the most received goods │2021

Most Popular Women's Bags

Easily To Match

Versatile for both formal & causal occasions.

full open mini boston

Light & Comfortable

Perfect to carry around town.

Kazematou backpack M

Functional Multi-Purpose 2-Way

Your everyday companion fit for every need.

Yozora 2 Way Bag L

Top 3 Most Popular Accessories

Irodori L Style Long Wallet

Soft leather with gradation colors inspired by Japanese 4 seasons.

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Usagi (Rabbit) Mini Pouch

Cute & Cuddly. Life-like rabbit shape created through high quality leatherwork.

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Antique Slim Wallet

Iconic Retro Look & Feel. Minimalist design suitable to any formal occasion.

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Top 3 Most Popular Men’s Bags

Classic & Retro

Enjoy Leather that changes with you over time.

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Light & Functional

Perfect if you are always on the go!

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Formal & Fun

A bit of fun with all the seriousness.

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