Sarari Jute Backpack


Materials X Weaving

The beauty of "Sarari Jute" lies in its beautiful woven patterns.
The thinnest Motherhouse Jute is woven with cotton to create the classic "herringbone" design.

Style X Lightweight

Our soft and smooth hemp makes it lighter on your back.
With this simplistic square backpack, we maximize the beauty of our woven Jute pattern.

image of products made from jute and cotton

Jute X Cotton

At the beginning, we experimented by mixing Jute with cotton. Doing so allowed us to increase the durability of our bags and produce them in a variety of colors.

image of products made from washed jute

Washed Jute

Jute that has been washed and firm, so you can enjoy a soft and smooth touch right from the start.

image of products made from airy jute

Airy Jute

A lighter Jute that was developed to commemorate our 10th Anniversary. It is a Jute that is natural and full of elegance.

Sarari Jute Backpack

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