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A necklace that brightens your 'day' in its own colours

A dome-shaped coloured stone is inserted into a jewelry top with a fastening method called a cover ring.

We use coloured stones from Sri Lanka, a treasure trove of natural stones.

Cut: Cabochon Cut

It is a cut to enjoy the luster and pattern of the stone itself. There is minimal reflection of light as we polish the gemstone into a hemispherical chevron shape .
You can make use of the colours that these jewels have and enjoy their unique way of shine.

Together with local craftsmen, we carefully hand-craft each product from material development to finishing .

Amethyst is called the "Love Guardian Stone" - "stone that protects true love".
While it is said that the stone invites a lover, it also has the power to calm the overwhelming passion. It will support to fulfil your romance.

Citrine has been cherished as a "lucky stone that brings wealth".
It is said to give courage and wisdom to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Also, it is said to have the energy of the sun and will protect important people from negative emotions.

Rose garnet
Rose garnet is said to be a "stone that symbolizes fruit".
It is said that your efforts will bear fruit and lead to success.
It will help those who are working hard toward their goals, such as taking the exam or finding employment.

Blue topaz
Blue topaz is said to be a stone that attracts opportunities.
One theory says that the Greek word "Topazos" has its etymology. You will be invited to meet what you are looking for, such as work, romance, and relationships and will support you in the future.

Green quartz
Green quartz is said to be a stone that brings love and healing.
This is fulfilled by earnestly working and making good fortune.
It is said that by increasing your imagination, sensitivity and expressiveness, you can build a satisfying relationship.

Original wooden box
Purchased jewelry will be presented to you in our special wooden box, handmade in Indonesia.
The warm handmade wooden box will match the interior of your room nicely.
It can be used as storage of this jewelry or as a small box in which to store your precious items.

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Your return must be made within 14 days from the date upon receiving the product.