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Expression of a young grass that gently grows close to you. 

This expresses the lively growth of young grasses as they snuggle up and grow.|
Through the polishing technique called marquis cut, coloured stones are finished as leaves with transparent veins and its radiance reminds me of a drop from young leaves.

The name Sri Lanka means "a shining island."

We lovingly polish gemstones nurtured in this country's climate and soil, using the painstaking techniques of skilled artisans.

Marquise Cut
A brilliantly cut elongated shape with curved sides and sharp tips.
For Futaba, there is a total of 57 facets to create a leaf motif that looks like the veins of a leaf.

Citrine has long been cherished as a lucky stone to bring good fortune. It is known as a stone that bestows courage and wisdom to help you overcome difficulties and obstacles. It is also said to have the energy of the sun, which will protect your loved ones from negative emotions.

Green quartz
Green quartz is said to be a stone that brings love and healing. It is known as a stone to lead you to economic success if you work sincerely. It is said to enhance your imagination, sensitivity, and expression, so as to help you build a peaceful human relationship.

Hessonite Garnet
Hessonite is said to have "physical energy". It strengthens and stabilises the connection between the mind and body and supports the voice and desires of the heart to be reflected in reality. Your natural talents and powers will guide you towards good results.

Peridot has been worshiped as the "stone of the sun" that brings light to the darkness and gives positive power. It is said that wearing
them gives you a bright and positive feeling and makes your dreams come true.
It will also be useful as a talisman to protect yourself from negative energy.

Original wooden box

Purchased jewelry will be presented to you in our special wooden box, handmade in Indonesia.
The warm handmade wooden box will match the interior of your room nicely.
It can be used as storage of this jewelry or as a small box in which to store your precious items.

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