Creating a global brand from developing countries

We at Motherhouse are committed to bringing the possibilities of developing countries to our customers around the world through "Monozukuri" (Japanese manufacturing way).

Our manufacturing process begins with the discovery of local materials. Then, we make each item by hand with all our heart to make the material shine, full of surprise and individuality. Our goal when making products is to create products that move the hearts of our customers, products that live with them.

Through our products, we aim to convey the diversity of the world and to bring smiles and warmth to the world.


Our brand's biggest differentiator is we manufacture our product by ourselves in our solely-own factory. Our philosophy that every member of our staff who work there can always feel happy and comfortable. To do so, we aspire to providing the best working environment for our craftsmen - as if it is their second home.

In order to develop and produce the finest products, we strongly believe that creating a healthy working environment is necessary. We offer higher salaries, fair and skill-based promotions, stable pension, and a medical insurance system. In addition, we also provide entertaining events such as our annual company picnics.



Our designed our after-sales service to enable our customers to use our products for a longer time. In the event of malfunctions and defects within six months from purchase, we offer a free repair services and before-care protection.

We also provide various paid, maintenance services for products that are used more than six months as well.

Please consult our in-store staff to discover ways for daily care, and suitable maintenance/repair services for your favorite Motherhouse items.



Aside from our effort to make the world a better place through business, we also acknowledge the people that cannot be reached with business activities alone - such as victims of natural disasters and socially vulnerable children.

To support them, we created a fund that is tied to our "Social Point Card" membership system. As our customers make more purchases, the funds accumulated are used to support various charity activities.

In the past, we have provided housings and daily commodities to the victims of the cyclone in Bangladesh and the mass earthquake in Nepal. We also offered “the smile bag” to children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We always continue to visit the scene of the disaster as soon as possible and to carry out social actions based on demand from the locals.